Korridoren/Hanasaari/Swedish-Finnish Cultural Center

The Corridor!
The Corridor! is a work of art by artist Susanne Gottberg (b. 1964) and sculptor Markus Kåhre (b. 1969).

It is a former staff corridor, leading from the main entrance to the restaurant cabinet, which has been converted into an art corridor.

The Corridor! is an artwork where the viewer becomes part of the artwork itself. As you walk through the Corridor you move inside the artwork, becoming a part of it, a co-creator of the work.

Susanne Gottberg and Markus Kåhre describe their work:

The main material in The Corridor! is mirror glass that covers the entire corridor on both sides. The relatively narrow corridor, some 30 metres in length, is transformed into an open space thanks to the mirror effect. The mirror effect gives the illusion that the space continues infinitely on the ground plane.

The mirror surface is sandblasted and given a smooth, matte, comfortable surface. The elements have different shapes and colours and create a rhythmic whole that lives and changes with the viewer. There are shifts and overlaps, elements and colours disappear and appear again. As you walk through The Corridor! you move inside the artwork, being a part of it, a co-creator of the work.

Jussi Tiainen